Oil Hydraulics & Mechanics

The long experience built up by CAMI in many years of activity in the field of oil hydraulic revisions has allowed the company to design and realize a modern test room with 770 kW installed inside. The room is made up of 3 workstations, each one with different avant-garde features, depending on the kind of unit to test. Thanks to the versatility and the great power of this system, it’s also possible to test high-powered pumps and oil hydraulic engines, offering in this way a real and visible warranty of the correct functioning of every unit after the restoration process. The attention directed to the choice of the control systems and to the data acquisition of the testing unit - through a specific custom-made software - allows to constantly supervise the performance of the pump or of the oil hydraulic engine and it allows to record all its values, to then compose the test certificate, given at the end of every restoration.

In a constantly evolving World, with this test room CAMI puts itself at a higher technological level, to face from now the future challenges that the market will set aside.