Hydraulic manifolds

Hydraulic manifolds are the ideal solution for optimising space in hydraulic power control. At CAMI Solution we design manifolds to be integrated into circuits of any size and complexity in a compact and customised manner.


We meet the customer’s needs by producing products of any size that pursue fluid-dynamic efficiency, meet weight requirements and are compatible with the machine layout.


We supply hydraulic manifolds for various applications

Wind Energy

Mining Machines
Drilling Machines

Stage Technology
Entertainment Technology
Simulation Technology

Die Casting
Foundry And Forge
Steel Industry
Estrusion Press

Metal Sawing Machines
Punching / Nibbling Machines
Tube Bending Machines
Lathes / Turning Centers
Grinding Machines
Marble Machines

Marine Cranes, Winches

Shoe Machines
Leather Machines

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines
Plastic Blow Moulding Machines
Polystirene Machines

Rubber Presses
Ceramic Presses
Conventional Bending Presses
Syncronized Press Brakes
Conventional Presses (Deep Drawing Presses )
Transfer / Transfer Lines

Waste Compactors
Recycling Machines

Sky Lifts / Fork Lifts

Cranes / Mobile Machines

Shearing And Finishing Machines

Test Benches